Our Loan Process

Loan Process

Curious about our loan process? These 7 steps will help summarize it for you!

  • Step 1 Complete a Loan Application

    Complete a short form loan application through our website, or talk to a licensed Mortgage Consultant directly by calling 1-888-547-4050.

  • Step 2 We Will Contact You

    We will assign your loan application to a licensed Mortgage Consultant who will guide you through the loan process and serve as point of contact for questions and concerns. Your consultant will also:

    1. Review your loan application and answer questions about the process.
    2. Review your credit history and submit your application through our automated underwriting engine.
    3. Provide you with the "next steps" in the loan process
  • Step 3 Lock an Interest Rate

    If our automated underwriting engine issues an "Approved" decision (and you have received a purchase offer acceptance letter from the seller - if applicable) you are eligible to lock an interest rate online, or over the phone with your Mortgage Consultant.

    If your loan does not receive an "Approved" decision, your Mortgage Consultant will contact you to discuss additional options.

    For more information about our interest rates and policies please visit:

  • Step 4 Submit an Appraisal Deposit

    A Property Appraisal Deposit is required prior to processing your loan application.

    The deposit amount is $600.00 for conventional and super conforming loans, and is $850.00 for Jumbo loan products.

    You may submit the deposit electronically through your online account or by calling your Mortgage Consultant.

  • Step 5 We Will Process Your Loan

    Your Mortgage Consultant will order an appraisal, title report, and various other services dependent on your loan file.

    We will also require income and asset information prior to submitting the loan to our Underwriting Department.

    We may require additional supporting documentation during the loan process. This is needed for Underwriting to fully approve your loan.

  • Step 6 Sign Loan Documents

    If your loan is approved, we will send closing documents to the notary/closing agent for you to sign.

    Once received, the closing agent will contact you to schedule a time to sign these closing documents.

    After the documents are signed, the closing agent will return them to us for review.

  • Step 7 Funding Your New Loan

    After we approve your signed loan documents, Provident Funding will wire funds to the title company, who will disburse the funds and record the necessary paperwork with the appropriate county.

Congratulations! At this point, your loan is considered closed.

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