I worked with Ashton Caesar on a recent refinance, and he was a complete professional. Both his phone and e-mail communication were clear and concise. The entire process went incredibly smooth, and he made it very easy to complete the transaction. Ashton should be commended for his professionalism.


We worked with David through Provident Funding to refinance our home. David was responsive and professional. He presented the various options and offered some opinions on what made the most sense for us. This is our second time working with David and both times have been very smooth. Thanks, David!


We have been with Provident Funding for six years and decided to refinance. Zak and his team of specialists orchestrated our refinance in 22 days; from the initial phone call to closing day. Zak explained the whole process, got us the best rate available in the market and locked it in. We especially appreciated arranging the final closing at our residence at our kitchen table. Provident Funding has managed our mortgage efficiently and kept us informed all the way. We highly recommend Zak and Provident.


May was recommended to me by someone I trust, and things could not have gone more smoothly. May and Erin explained everything up front, and were quick to communicate when issues arose. It was by far the easiest and most efficient financial transaction I've ever been through and they were great shepherds.


Ashton Caesar was patient, informative, and personal in providing what was best for me and my family. His guidance and detailed answers to my questions made for a very positive experience with my refinance loan with him and Provident Funding!


We were incredibly pleased with the exceptional service and professionalism provided by Samantha Orange. She was very clear with what we needed, and made sure that outside entities were getting documentation and tasks done. She also clarified all the steps of the process for us, and was right on point with her estimated timeline for each step. Samantha helped us through our refinance, and was able to get it completed in just over two weeks.

I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone looking to buy or refinance a home!


It’s always a pleasure working with Provident Funding. Linda Liu and her team made this entire purchase process so easy for us, from the initial outreach to the closing of our loan!


Eric is very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to answer any questions I had during the loan process. He is very timely and clear in his responses. This is the third transaction I've had with Provident Funding, and each time it has been a quick and easy process. I will definitely be calling Eric again to handle my next home purchase.


Zachary Boyd was great throughout our whole refinance process. I had a family emergency come up during it, and he gave me the time I needed while casually reminding me of important deadlines. He even spent time on the phone with me after his normal office hours to help accommodate my schedule.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home loan.


When you want a great rate, low cost, and the highest quality of customer service, contact David Herrera with Provident Funding. We were already under contract on an out-of-state property, and going into an unwise decision with a family member as a financier. One call to David allowed us to switch course once he said, “We can close the loan in 3 weeks!” He gave us confidence and reassurance that we made the right decision. We were even able to close in less than 13 days!


Zachary Boyd was professional, and he was able to get our loan funded with no delays. He made sure we knew all of our options, and we closed in record time! I would highly recommend him and Provident Funding!


Prior to using Provident Funding for my mortgage, I was used to a large bank that made my mortgage process a nightmare with unrealistic conditions. Doug Dvorak and his colleague, Stephen Guevara, made my mortgage process smooth, with lower closing cost and a better rate. Both my attorney and real estate agent were pleased with their level of professionalism and ease.

Thank you Doug and Stephen for making my dream home come true!


I started the refinance process online through provident.com, and was almost immediately contacted by Linda Liu after submitting my initial information. Linda and her team made the process very easy, and she was great to work with. She went out of her way to explain all of my options, worked with me as I went back and forth through several different rates and loan types, and ultimately, helped me close in less than 20 days.

I would highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a new home or refinance mortgage!


We've actually worked with Jacob Wilson a few times since 2017. He has helped us with securing the best loan for a new home purchase, as well as helping us refinance to better terms. He provided the right amount of communication to make sure that we were able to give Provident Funding all of the documentation that they need to close our loan quickly. We are usually able to close between 17-21 days with Jacob's assistance, and never run into any issues near closing.

I highly recommend asking for Jacob should you decide to purchase or refinance your home!


May Shih is fantastic! She knows her stuff when it comes to loans, policies, rates, and the processes for your loan experience. You can ask her any question, and she has such a professional answer! She has excellent communication skills, and gave us a timeline of what we needed to complete so that we could be accountable for getting the loan done on time. In our case, the loan was done two weeks early thanks to May and her team at Provident Funding. They are the best!


Andrew Almenar was extremely helpful throughout the refinance process. He was very knowledgeable and very supportive. He answered all our questions and even anticipated a few questions that we had but hadn’t asked yet. He made sure we knew what to expect from start to finish, and everything he forecasted to us happened just as he said it would happen.


We already had a mortgage through Provident Funding, and it was very easy to refinance. May Shih promptly returned emails and calls whenever we had questions. The overall experience that she provided to us was great and stress-free!


Kurt Miller and the Provident Funding team were very helpful in guiding us through the purchase process. We are very happy we chose them, and we closed ahead of time with lower than expected fees! Thank you guys for the great service!


Jim Parrish provided exceptional service throughout the entire loan process when I purchased my home. His expertise and guidance from the Pre-Qualification to obtaining a Conditional Loan Approval gave me an advantage in making offers on potential homes. From the beginning, Jim was there to help in situations requiring immediate attention. He responded promptly by returning all calls and emails. This was important to me because I had a timeline to meet, and each delay by other outside entities made the situation stressful. Even though the builder’s mortgage company had competitively tried to earn my business, I chose Provident Funding because of the services provided by Jim.


What can I say? Ian Forner made this refinance process painless and very straight forward. Any question I had, he explained in simple terms that I could understand. Due to his explanations, we were able to finalize the process quickly!


Mayra Cisneros is an absolute gem! I already had a trusted company lined up for my refinance loan, but Mayra had an offer that beat my previous company’s offer. I am so glad that I went with her since she is very helpful, and quick to respond to you if you have any queries or concerns. Her knowledge about the process and patience with us was completely outstanding, and we have never had this above-par treatment from our previous company.

Mayra and Provident Funding will now be our only option if we ever decide to refinance in the future!


Kurt Miller provided outstanding customer service, effectively communicated, and kept me constantly involved throughout the purchase process. Additionally, he was friendly, courteous, and made me feel relaxed during all of our emails and phone calls. Kurt knows his stuff, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone!


Working with Andrew Almenar was so smooth during my refinance loan. The entire process was done in less than 12 days once the loan was locked in, and all verbal assurances were adhered to from the beginning. Being an existing Provident Funding customer got me a good discount on the closing costs, and compared to what I saw from other lenders, the costs were reasonable too!


Stan Dvornitsyn is amazing! He was always available for questions my wife and I had on our first home purchase. He was very informative, and made the purchase as transparent as possible. When we got to the closing, all parties involved said it was one of the easiest closings they have ever dealt with in the past.

We will definitely use Stan for our mortgage needs in the future!


I shopped for our first home purchase in Washington, and it was important for me to be well-informed as well as find a mortgage consultant who could provide me with clarifications and feedback. David Herrera was such consultant, and he was a pleasure to work with on my loan. His team was very responsive, detailed, and was clear on everything upfront. I did my own research and David responded to my questions thoroughly and promptly. Most importantly, the loan was closed ahead of time with zero problems.

I highly recommend David and his team at Provident Funding!


I previously worked in the mortgage industry for over ten years both as a processor and originator. I wanted to work with Provident Funding because of their great rates so I read the several bios of their mortgage consultants who are licensed in my state. Even though we are located on different coasts, I decided Eric Fielden was who I wanted to use, and I'm very happy with my decision. His service is exceptional, and I was very impressed with his knowledge. He made the process extremely easy and fast as my refinance loan funded in 15 days.

One thing I particularly valued is that he is not a pushy sales type. He offered great advice, and kept my best interests in mind. I did not tell him upfront that I used to work in the business, and so I am confident that he does the same for all his clients. I'd definitely use him again for any future mortgage needs. The rates and costs quoted did not change from our initial discussion, and I've found Provident Funding to be lower than other lenders.

I highly recommend Eric without hesitation!


I have used Linda Liu at Provident Funding twice already, and she has been great to work with both of these times. In this most recent purchase, she was able to help get us pre-approved very quickly so that we were able to submit an offer with a quick close.

I would definitely use Linda again for future home financing needs.


From start to finish, Stan Dvornitsyn and Gretchen Riddle did a phenomenal job with assisting us on our purchase transaction. After we gave the green light for the loan application, they scheduled an appraisal in three days and got us clear to close in just 14 days. They spent hours on the phone with us during the course of the loan application, patiently explaining our options and answering our questions.

When loan shopping, we vetted three different lenders. As a first test, we emailed each of them a list of questions about their rate lock policies. Only Stan from Provident Funding took the time to thoroughly respond to each question in writing. One of the lenders provided misleading information about their rate lock, and another shared our pre-approval letter with the seller without permission. Stan offered us a great rate, knows his stuff, and cared enough to explain it thoroughly.

We highly recommend Stan and Provident Funding!


I dreaded the gruesome essentials of refinancing our debt, but Doug Dvorak and his team at Provident Funding took on all of the problematic details promptly with grace, efficiency, and transparency. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and by our excellent relationship with the company.


Zachary Boyd was very helpful in guiding us through the entire refinance process, and always had a professional manner about him. He returned emails promptly, and kept us updated on our loan progress. I recommend him and Provident Funding over any other mortgage lenders.


Eric Fielden is simply the best. What else can I say? He made the stressful part of buying a house as easy as possible, and that's the reason why I have been a repeat customer of Provident Funding since 2002. This history includes three different home purchases in three different states. On our last closing in Florida, the closing attorney asked me how I found this lender because Provident Funding and Eric Fielden was one of the easiest lenders she had ever worked with in the past. They really are the best, and have the most competitive interest rates.


I originally used a different mortgage professional with Provident Funding for my first home and went with Provident Funding again for my second purchase. They hire only the best people, and Brooks Grassel certainly qualifies. He made the process as smooth as possible, got us the best rate for our loyalty with the company, and was always responsive in helping us navigate the home-buying process.

Due to Brooks' quality of service, I will be using Provident Funding again in the future.


Aaron Wyman helped me find the right loan, rate, and flexibility for the refinance of one of my investment properties. He was not pushy, but continued to follow up and checked on my status. During the loan process, he was aware and kept informing me about the stage we were on during it. This was one of the easiest loans that I have done in my life. I will certainly recommend Aaron to my friends and families, and will continue to be in touch with him as long as I keep my properties.

Thank you, Aaron, for your professionalism, service and dedication.


Jacob Wilson helped me refinance my home at a lower interest rate, and helped me take out equity for home improvements. My experience with him was excellent! He kept me informed and made the process super easy. Thank you, Jacob, and the entire team at Provident Funding.


Having worked in the mortgage industry previously and this being my third mortgage experience, I have dealt with countless mortgage professionals and almost all of them are like a used car salesman. David Herrera, on the other hand, has to be the best professionals there has ever been. When I first reached out to him, his vast knowledge was immediately apparent, and he conveyed it with such a calm demeanor that made him feel like a relative who was helping me with my mortgage. He was the opposite of pushy, and ironically, it made me rush to Provident Funding. After the initial call, we applied and then came the real magic. Throughout the mortgage process, which only took about three weeks, David responded to all of our inquiries timely and completely. His instructions made it so easy to understand what was needed at every step. I want to needlessly get another mortgage just so I can work with David and his team again. Also, did I mention the pricing?! Oh. My. Gosh.

Thank you, David, for taking such a stressful process and making it seamless.