I was working with Andy Nguyen for the last two months on my purchase loan. During this time, he was always on top of things. Whenever I called or emailed him with various questions or if I was uncertain about a document being asked about, he would return all my calls and emails immediately with the answers.

He is very friendly, efficient, professional, and easy to work with on this process. He follows up on all his tasks, and he made this experience with Provident Funding an enjoyable one. I have recommended my family, friends, and neighbors to contact Provident Funding, if they ever need a home loan, and advised them that Andy is the way to go for it.

Thank you again, Andy, for the excellent service provided.


Mark Marshall is a top-notch professional, and the process of refinancing was very smooth and efficient at Provident Funding. Not only could I track the whole process online through the My Loan Zone portal, but Mark and the team was always there to respond to any of my questions. Everything closed as planned, and with no extra fees. I’m so glad that I did my refinance with Mark and Provident Funding, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Thanks again for everything!


From start to finish, it took just three weeks to complete my refinance. Provident Funding is a pleasure, and that’s what keeps me coming back to them.



Stephen Guevara and Lindsay Tami are very professional, organized, and responsive. I had many questions during the refinance process, and they answered them all on top of resolving issues quickly. The whole refinance process was completed in 24 days. I would highly recommend using Provident Funding on a home purchase or refinance.

Thanks again,


Adam Milanovich made my refinance process very easy and straightforward. He provided guidance along the way, and always answered my questions promptly. I felt that he was very honest, and he had my best interest in mind. Those are the characteristics that I'm so grateful for, after my horrible experiences with previous lenders.

I’ll be back!


I would like to thank Anthony Dominguez for the customer service I received during the transaction of my mortgage refinance process. Everything was very smooth and professional, and I do not regret having chose Provident Funding to do my mortgage refinance. I believe that I would not have got any better service from other institutions.

Thanks so much!
Janeth & Lazaro


We just closed a purchase with the help of May Shih at Providence Funding. The whole loan process was super smooth and efficient. The My Loan Zone portal is great tool, and May is so responsive to questions and always professional. The whole purchase loan process only took us about 30 days before we got our keys! Nothing to complain about with Provident Funding at all.

I would definitely use their service again and recommend them to anyone.


My refinance that Sam Niemiec handled for us was unbelievably quick at Provident Funding. Sam is well versed with the refinance process from start to finish, and is always available for help with questions about the process. We're lucky to have had him handle our mortgage loan, and we won't hesitate to reach out to him again if the need arises in the future.

I say go with him and Provident Funding – you won’t regret it.
A. Silvero


Linda Liu and Christina Barkwill are true rock stars and professionals. I’m currently working on a second transaction with them, and I honestly don't want to work with another lender ever again! The process is so straightforward and they are on the ball. I have close friends who work for mortgage lenders but I have to give my business to Provident Funding because it is really so much easier to get transactions closed with them and their interest rates are unmatched! Thank you, Linda and Christina!



I feel very fortunate to have my loan with a great lender such as Provident Funding. Everyone that I have worked with at Provident Funding, especially Stephanie Contreras, has had such a positive attitude towards their jobs and have always been fantastic! I really appreciate the excellent customer service Stephanie and the Provident Funding team have provided to me during my refinance.

I will definitely recommend Provident Funding to anyone who needs a loan.


Thanks to Sam Niemiec and Lisa Erlan for your help in guiding me through the refinance process. This is my first experience with a direct lender, and you guys, along with Provident Funding, are the best. I’m so happy that I made the right choice with choosing Provident Funding as my lender. Your straightforward, no-gimmick way of doing business will win over many consumers. Provident Funding will be my lender of choice in future transactions. I wish you all much success with such a great organization.

Thank you,


I have to say that Jonathan Scherer and Erin Shiffler have such a smooth and efficient process with Provident Funding. They, along with the My Loan Zone portal, made this refinance extremely easy. I will definitely be recommending them to everyone I know looking to refinance or purchase a home.

All my best,


Jeff and I want to thank Stephanie Contreras for all her help in securing the refinancing of our home. She was very professional in all our home mortgage dealings. Once she stepped in as processing support to the mortgage consultant, it was much easier thanks to her care and attention to detail.

All our best,
Jeff and Leslie


This is the second time we have refinanced with Provident Funding over the course of 36 years, since we built our home. We knew, immediately after being connected with Ashton Caesar, that we were in capable hands. Ashton's knowledge and experience were evident in the way he was able answer our questions with understandable communication. His customer service skills shined through, even when we knew he must have had much on his plate to deal with, as he never once got frustrated or failed to pick up our call each time we reached out to him with a clarification question. We felt supported by Ashton and comfortable in his ability to clear any roadblocks in the process. We can't say enough about this young man and his professionalism when dealing with us as his client.

Provident Funding is fortunate to have such an outstanding employee.
John and Colleen


The entire loan process was made painless by the excellent support I received from Fungai Mapfumo (Kevin). While My Loan Zone was helpful, I could not have successfully navigated it without Kevin’s help. Kevin was always available to answer questions, both via email and phone. He seemed to work late hours, as he often posted stuff to My Loan Zone late at night, which worked really well for me because I was most available to reply to requests late at night. In emails and speaking to Kevin over the phone, he was genuinely interested in making sure I understood the process, and made it clear the things I needed to do to complete the loan application. Without Kevin’s help, I would have dropped out of the process because of the confusion I was facing with outside parties. Kevin is truly old-school in that he treats the customers with respect and kindness, and makes sure to actually settle issues rather than tossing words at them. Kevin’s overall professionality made the difference for me with this loan.
Provident Funding has always been professional and attentive to my issues. While most institutions today, particularly financial institutions, continually lower their quality of customer service, Provident Funding seems to increase theirs. I’m guessing this is due to the fact you hire individuals such as Kevin. I’m pretty sure I have a case of PTSD from calling financial institutions because of the many rude, untrained, and uneducated individuals working at the call centers. This has never been the case with Provident Funding. In my ten years of being associated with them, I’ve never had even a small issue.
Thanks! You’re doing it right.


We recently secured a mortgage through Provident Funding, and I’m writing this to let others know what a great experience we had working with Michael Wiseman. Purchasing a new home is always stressful, and Michael made every effort to ensure that the process was seamless. He was extremely professional and diligent, and we especially appreciated his timely updates and polite requests for information.

Michael has excellent communication skills, and based on our experience with him, we would highly recommend Provident Funding to others – he is an outstanding asset to their organization.

Best regards,
Karl and Maryann


I recently refinanced my home with Sam Niemiec and Provident Funding. The process was easy with the online portal, My Loan Zone, and Sam was always quick to respond to my questions or concerns. Provident Funding has some of the best interest rates, and I was impressed with the high level of transparency throughout the process.

I’ll be back!


Ashton Caesar is very knowledgeable and was supportive throughout my entire refinance process. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive to use an online lender to purchase my home. I fully expected the customer service to be very limited, but I was pleasantly surprised. Ashton and the online website, My Loan Zone, really helped move the process along. He was very responsive to all my questions, despite the high volume of loans he was working on at the time. He helped navigate through a challenging title situation in the last few days, allowing us to close on time. He worked late and early to ensure that we had what we needed for revisions to close in a different time zone.

I highly recommend Ashton, and look forward to using him again for a future loan.


I have to talk about what a great experience refinancing our home was with Michael Wiseman. I had many questions throughout the entire process, and Michael, despite being in a different time zone and having many other clients, continually made himself available to me in a timely fashion. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated his quick responses (even on weekends!) He always treated us like we were a priority, and by walking us through each step, he helped ensure the entire process went smoothly for us.

My husband and I often bemoan our difficulty corresponding via email these days. Sadly, we have become accustomed to receiving quick, informal "texting" style responses that come across as unprofessional and often do not address our questions. This was not the case with Michael, which is one of the many reasons he was such a breath of fresh air! He was also thorough, patient, and thoughtful in all of his responses. Best of all, Michael treated us like actual people rather than just another "file" to close. That meant a lot to us.

With all the uncertainty in the world today and the stress that accompanies it, our refinance being seamless was an enormous blessing.

Kindest Regards,
Sue Ann and Anthony


I’m a happy customer of Provident Funding with David Herrera as my mortgage consultant. So, when I decided to refinance my investment property and my primary home, I automatically sent my application to David. He explained to me that I would have the aid and support of not only himself, but also of Adriana Weant as a teammate. I must say I was very pleased with the quickness and diligence of how this team process worked throughout the loan. My Loan Zone kept me updated and aware of the process, and when I had questions, David and Adriana answered them immediately. Both of my mortgage loans were completed and closed in a very short period of time. Knowing that I will be able to continue to have this same service in the future is very self-satisfying. I would highly recommend David Herrera and his team for any home or investment purchase or refinance.

Thank you!


Who says lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice? I'm proof that it does, and Ashton Caesar is the lightning! I just completed another refinance with Provident Funding, and Ashton was able to save us more than 1% point, which is fantastic! Just as he did in our first refinance, Ashton went above and beyond in making sure that we got the rate we wanted at a reasonable closing cost and making sure that our loan closed in a timely manner, which it did!

We had a couple of “hiccups” outside of the transaction that could've caused the refinance not to close on time, but Ashton was able to rectify the issue quickly and kept us on track. Ashton exemplifies professional qualities that are extremely rare nowadays, and puts his clients above all else. He was timely with his emails and calls, and always seem to have an answer for any question – this is the gold standard in customer service! I appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile and always finding ways to make the process more enjoyable.

Thank you, Ashton, for your knowledge, insights, and outstanding customer service. We couldn't have done this without you and Provident Funding!


I completed the easiest refinance ever with Sam Niemiec at Provident Funding. He was organized, knowledgeable and prompt throughout the entire process. His help, along with the streamlined online process, made the whole refinance smooth and efficient. It was everything you would need or want for a home mortgage process.

I’ll be telling my friends and family to use his services in the future.


I had a great experience with Ashton Caesar and the whole team at Provident Funding. They all know their business and always answered my flurry of questions I had for them with ease. Ashton was quick to respond to phone calls and emails in order to walk me through the entire home refinance process. With all the uncertainty of the times, I appreciated his insight and professionalism from beginning to end.

I will certainly be back in the future.
R. Martinez


We have worked with Provident Funding on three separate home mortgage transactions and have always had good experiences; that is the reason we chose them again and again.

This is the first time we got to work with Eric Dalley. Eric was very helpful in the initial phase of the loan process, with offering a good loan rate and a clear list of required documents needed from us. He followed up closely and kept us informed on the progress of the loan. He was always ready to answer any questions or requests we had, and he adjusted quickly to the seller’s closing requirements, including closing earlier. Eric realized we were returning customers and made the whole loan process a lot simpler and shorter. We definitely recommend Eric and the Provident Funding team to handle your mortgage loans.

Thanks for being the best!


I had been with Provident Funding previously, and found my refinance with them to be much more efficient than the other three lenders sampled. Samantha Orange was very quick with all stages of communications or questions, and made the whole online process so smooth. She was assisted by Jeff Bateman who was very easy to work with as well. Despite the challenging times of COVID-19, the online process was seamless, and the only in-person contact needed was a mobile notary to sign paperwork.

Samantha deserves applause for all she did for us! I would not hesitate to work with her or Jeff again at Provident Funding.



I refinanced two properties at the same time with David Herrera at Provident Funding. We closed both loans in 13 and 20 days with very competitive rates! Both David and Adriana Weant make a great team, and they were professional, quick to respond, and super knowledgeable! Any interaction needed with the appraiser, title company, or notary were also seamless as well. The My Loan Zone website was also a great resource to easily share documents, and made the whole process even that much easier! I highly recommend David and Adriana, and plan to share with my family and friends how great this company is at the home mortgage process.

Thanks again,


May Shih and her entire team did an amazing job during these unprecedented COVID-19 times. My refinance transaction was completed within 22 days under these brutal conditions of the plummeting rates which created the highest volume of applications ever and the shelter-in-place that hit in the middle of March. Even when May had to transition to working-from-home, she managed to stay calm, efficient, and highly professional. May was responding to my emails at 9 pm in the evening! May's colleague, Eric Fielden, stepped up to the plate when a problem showed up and resolved the situation quickly and fairly to my satisfaction. Another member on the team, Shannon Wilder, who joined as a closer at the end, was amazingly responsive to every question I had for her.

Way to go, Provident Funding! No one can beat this company's low mortgage rates, and no one can beat this company's dream team approach in mortgage transactions. Thank you so much, May. You and your team deserve a medal!


We have been with Provident Funding for years, and this was our third refinance with their company. Samantha Orange was completely fantastic! Despite the current stay-at-home order and the associated stress and confusion, she guided us through the refinance in record time. She was always easy to reach for questions and quick to explain when something was unclear.

We will definitely be back should we need to refinance again or get a new home purchase!


Ian Forner and his colleagues are among the best in the business. I could not have asked for a better team and advisor when I was going through my refinance than Ian and the folks at Provident Funding. He helped guide and advise me over the course of several weeks, leading up to my loan being funded ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Ian and everyone at Provident Funding!


My wife and I were already current customers of Provident Funding. This past March we decided to refinance our house and stay with our current lender. We were so very lucky to get Ashton Caesar when I called to start the refinance process. From the get go Ashton was amazing, helpful and super genuine. He is 100% about his clients and customer service. He was quick to call me back and help out with any questions that we had, and was always willing to offer great advice with our new home loan! I would recommend Ashton and Provident Funding to anyone who is looking to refinance their current mortgage or have them help you with a new home mortgage!

Thanks so much, Ashton! We appreciate all your time and hard work for us!


Working with Provident Funding was a great experience! David Herrera and Adriana Weant were fantastic to work with through the entire process. Their mortgage portal was easy to use, and it kept me updated every step of the way. It even helped me get from application to close in 13 day! I would definitely recommend David and his team at Provident Funding for any home purchase or refinance.


Absolutely fantastic lender and mortgage consultant! Samantha Orange made the process easy and stress free for us. To put you in perspective on how great and easy it was, I went on a planned vacation a couple of days after I started the refinancing process, and with the help of Samantha and the strong online portal that Provident Funding has, I was able to upload and e-sign all required documents, and do everything required through my phone. 100% recommended!


We have had several mortgage transactions with Provident Funding for over almost 20 years. All have been excellent, but none better than our just completed refinance handled by Linda Liu. Linda and her team moved our application forward with greater speed and accuracy than I have ever experienced for a loan process. Their communication is always clear, thoughtful and timely!


Samantha Orange was a pleasure to work with on my refinance loan! I appreciated her professionalism and willingness to help us find the right terms to meet our mortgage needs. She is very communicative and prompt in her responses. I would definitely recommend Samantha for any mortgage, purchase or refinance.


Jon Scherer was great from the beginning to the end of my refinance loan. He knows the entire process, sets expectations on what needs to be done throughout, provides a timeframe for how long things will take, and explains what is needed to bring the process to a successful close. He is one of the best there!


Provident Funding is our lender for life. We purchased a new home, and didn’t think twice about who would help us with our third loan. The process is always easy, efficient, and painless - which doesn’t happen often with a refinance or purchase. We never think twice if the rates at Provident Funding are going to be competitive. They really are the best lender out there, and Ian Forner is a part of that team!


It has been a pleasure to work with May Shih and Jon Scherer. The whole process has been very smooth and easy to stay informed about the status of the new loan. Both May and Jon are very professional and have done a great job answering my questions in a timely manner. I also love the convenience of Provident Mortgage site and the clear and easy to follow pages. I have been a customer with Provident Funding for a while and it has always been easy to work with them, but May and Jon is by far the best team to work with there.


Ashton Caesar helped me with my house refinancing recently, and he did an outstanding job throughout the entire loan process. He exemplified professional qualities that are extremely rare nowadays in how he conducted himself, and he put his clients above all else. He was timely with his emails and calls, and always seemed to have an answer for any question - that is the gold standard in customer service! I appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile, and him always finding ways to make the process more enjoyable.

Thank you, Ashton, for your knowledge, insights, and outstanding customer service. We couldn't have done this without you!


Samantha Orange and her team made my refinance quick and painless. Samantha presented me with several different options for interest rates and closing credits. I ended up choosing one that covered all of the closing costs. I completed my original mortgage with Provident Funding earlier in the year, so they were able to reuse a lot of the same documentation without me having to resubmit. Samantha and her team also did as much as they could on their end, such as reaching out to my homeowner's insurance to get the policy updated with the new loan info, saving me time and hassle. The refinance was completed on schedule, within a few weeks of my application. They even sent a closing agent to my house to do the final paperwork. I really couldn't have asked for anything more, and I'll definitely keep Provident and Samantha in mind for future mortgage needs. Thanks, Samantha!


This was the most efficient refinance I have ever experienced in my life! I am a loan officer myself, and the professionalism of this group is outstanding. I closed my entire loan in 2 - 3 weeks, and their lender credits encouraged me to refinance to a 1% lower interest rate. I couldn't have asked for a better lender. Samantha Orange and the processing team were fabulous!