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The fastest method for communicating with Provident Funding is by utilizing our Case Tracking System. This web based system enables Provident Funding to quickly answer your questions and resolve issues or problems with your account. Another benefit of using this method is that you have an efficient way to communicate your message and receive ours, while maintaining a record of your conversation for easy reference. You can access the Case Tracking System by logging into your web account at www.provident.com.

Contacting Customer Service by Phone
Customer Service Representatives are available at (800) 696-8199, from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT Mon-Fri.

Contacting Customer Service by Mail

Contact us by mail at Provident Funding Associates, L.P., P.O. Box 5914 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-5914
Login to your online account and select My Profile. Here you will be able to update your phone number, mailing address, and email information.
The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides certain protections for servicemembers if the mortgage was taken out prior to entrance into active duty, including a maximum interest rate of 6% during the term of active duty and protection from foreclosure unless specifically authorized by a court. In addition, active military personnel and their dependents may be eligible for special foreclosure protection even if the mortgage was taken out after the start of active duty. If you are interested in obtaining further information, please contact us immediately so we can assess your eligibility for special relief options.
Any accumulated late charges will be added to the amount due. This includes late charges for any payments that are past due at the time of payoff.
If you have made a legal change to your name, Provident Funding needs to be notified. There are some requirements that may need to be met before we can change our records. You should contact our Customer Service Department before you send any documentation. Please use the web site to open a Case with a Customer Service Representative or call (800) 696-8199. The representative will pass your request on to a Specialist, who will send you a written notice of the appropriate requirements.
Interest shown on the payoff statement is calculated to its expiration date. A per diem (per day) interest amount will be included, to be added to the payoff amount if the payoff is sent after the expiration date. If your loan is paid ahead, the payoff amount will be reduced by any interest not yet due. For example, if the payoff statement expiration date is September 1st and the account is paid through November 1st, the interest paid ahead will be subtracted from the required payoff amount. Upon receipt of the payoff amount, the actual interest charged includes interest up to but not including the date of receipt. Remember that interest is collected in arrears. For example, if the September 1st payment (which includes interest accrued from the month of August) has been made and your loan is paid in full on September 15th, interest will be due for the first fourteen days of September.
Some loans require that a prepayment fee be assessed if the loan is paid in full before a certain period of time. This is also referred to as a prepayment penalty. If your Mortgage Note includes a Prepayment Penalty clause, the fee will be calculated according to the specific terms in your Mortgage Note.
Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are assessed after the 16th of the month or the following business day on any account still outstanding. Additionally, late notices are mailed to all delinquent borrowers. The Collections Department may also call you to check the status of past due payments. As a courtesy to new borrowers who may be unsure of their first payment date, a reminder notice is sent if payment has not been received by the 8th or 9th of the month.
Provident Funding currently uses payment coupons for billing. Monthly account statements are provided separately from the billing method in order to provide customers with current detailed account information. Additional account information is also available free of charge at www.provident.com . Our secure website contains much more information than might be made available in a monthly statement. We encourage you to create a username and password to closely monitor your account and take advantage of this information. Under Federal law, you may not opt out from receiving the monthly account statement; however, if you have an online account, you may elect to receive your monthly account statements electronically.

Note: If your loan is in active bankruptcy or has been discharged through bankruptcy, you will not receive a monthly account statement.
You will receive a Coupon book approximately two weeks after your loan funds. If you do not have an impound/escrow account, this book will contain 12 coupons. If your loan is an impounded/escrowed account you may receive less than 12 coupons. This is because escrow accounts are typically analyzed on an annual basis and the month is determined by the state in which your property is located. If there are changes to your property tax or homeowner’s insurance amounts, this will cause a change to your escrow payment. In the event of a payment change, a new coupon book will be ordered for you automatically. Provident Funding will always provide you a minimum of 25 days advance notice of any payment change.
Coupon books are mailed automatically on an annual basis; it is not necessary for you to request a new book. You may check on the status of your next coupon book order at www.provident.com or by contacting Customer Service.
Provident Funding offers four convenient ways to make monthly mortgage payments:
  1. Payments may be made for free online at www.provident.com.
  2. Check or money order can be sent by mail.
  3. ACH service (automatic withdrawal from your bank account) is available by filling out the online form at www.provident.com or requesting a copy of the form from Customer Service.
  4. Payments via phone from your checking account may be transacted for a $7.50 fee by calling Provident Funding’s Easy Pay Line at (888) 593-2729.
Please note that Provident Funding cannot accept credit cards or biweekly payments at this time. Online payments will post to your Provident Funding account the same business day if the payment was entered before 5:00 PM PST. Payments submitted after 5:00 PM PST, on holidays, or weekends, will be processed the following business day. Phone payments made by 3:00 PM PST will post the same business day to your loan. Any payment made after 3:00 PM PST will be posted the following business day, excluding federal holidays.
Provident Funding does not currently offer a biweekly payment program. Unless your loan includes a prepayment penalty, you are free to make additional payments for principal reduction together with any monthly payment. You are also free to make an extra payment once per year or you could divide your monthly payment by 12 and send that amount, plus your regular payment, every month. Upon receipt, these additional principal payments are applied towards reducing the balance of your loan immediately and the results in terms of interest savings will be similar to a biweekly payment program. Please note that third party companies may offer to save you interest by setting up biweekly mortgage payments. However, this service normally comes with both an enrollment fee and a monthly processing fee and should be agreed to only after careful consideration.
If Provident Funding receives a payment from you that is due to another mortgage company, your check will automatically be endorsed and forwarded to the new mortgage company. In the event that your payment is applied at Provident Funding prior to the loan being sold, funds will be disbursed to the new mortgage company for any payments due to them. All payments are forwarded via overnight mail.
Provident Funding cannot modify the payments on your existing fixed rate loan. However, though the payment amount will not change, your loan will amortize at a faster rate. In order to reduce your monthly payment, you must refinance for the new balance on the loan. If your loan is an adjustable rate loan, the monthly payment will be adjusted periodically in accordance with the terms of the Promissory Note to fully amortize the remaining balance within the remaining term. Your monthly mortgage payment may be reduced after a principal reduction but that reduction may be offset by an increase in your interest rate.
You can make extra payments towards principal of up to $50,000 free of charge online at www.provident.com. Those who submit payment using coupons or billpay can add extra principal with their regular monthly payments. Any amount greater than $50,000 requires special handling and should be sent to: Provident Funding Assoc., P.O. Box 513738 Los Angeles, CA 90051-3738.
Any mortgage insurance premiums due on a mortgage loan by the expiration date of the payoff statement will be collected in the payoff amount.
You may print a payoff statement immediately, by logging into your www.provident.com web account and visiting the "Forms" link. payoff statement requests made via fax will be processed within 3 business days.
It is important that you continue to make your monthly payments until the day your loan payoff funds are received by Provident Funding. Failure to make a monthly payment is a default under the terms of your Promissory Note and may result in a negative report being made to the Credit Reporting Agencies. Any over payment of principal or interest included with the payoff amount sent to Provident Funding will be refunded to you within two weeks of the loan payoff.
Payoff figures are always subject to change due to new fee assessment, payment activity, and escrow account activity. If payoff funds are received after the expiration date of the payoff statement, the interest amount due will be different. You or your agent should request for updated payoff statement to confirm that no changes have occurred.
The payoff statement may be based upon payments that were received but have not yet cleared your bank. If a payment is returned NSF (non-sufficient funds) after your loan is paid off, Provident Funding reserves the right to adjust the payoff figures. Interest will continue to accrue on the loan until Provident Funding has received all amounts due.
Any escrow funds advanced by Provident Funding to pay your bills because there were insufficient funds in your escrow account will be collected at the time of payoff.
Your escrow deposit is equal to 1/12th of the total bills Provident Funding anticipates paying on your behalf during the next year, including any shortage amount as permitted by federal and/or state law and your mortgage contract. This deposit is based on the way your mortgage terms are written.
Provident Funding will review your impound/escrow account annually. The month during which your impound/escrow account is reviewed is determined by the state in which your property is located.
An increase in your monthly escrow payment is caused by an increase in property taxes, an increase in the homeowner or flood insurance premium, or a shortage of funds. Changes in the tax amount can occur because of increased property values or higher budget demands by the jurisdictions who receive property tax dollars, and/or additional or increased levies. Changes in the homeowner or flood insurance amount can occur because of an increase in the annual premium charged by your insurance provider or as a result of a change to the terms of your policy.
If your impound/escrow account balance is greater than the balance required at the time of your analysis, your impound/escrow account has a surplus of funds. If your loan account is not delinquent, Provident Funding will automatically send you a check refunding the surplus to you, unless it is less than $50.00. In this case the funds will remain in your impound/escrow account and your payment will be adjusted accordingly.
If your impound/escrow account balance is less than the minimum balance required at the time of your analysis, your escrow account has a shortage of funds.


1) Repay the total shortage immediately. This reduces your monthly payment by 1/12th of the amount repaid. If you choose to repay the shortage in full, we encourage you to make a free, escrow-only online payment from your checking or savings account. Once your payment is credited to your loan account, please login to your online account and open a case under “Contact Us” to our Loan Servicing Center to request a new escrow analysis to lower your monthly payment.

You may also mail a check with the special coupon provided in your Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement to:

Provident Funding
P.O. Box 513738
Los Angeles, CA 90051-3738
Attention: Customer Service

2) Repay the shortage over the next 12 months. This option is interest-free but increases your monthly payment by 1/12th of your total escrow account shortage. You do not need to contact us to choose this option as we have automatically included the monthly shortage amount in your new monthly payment. Your new monthly payment amount will be shown on your Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement and your new payment coupons.
Information on your Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement includes historical activity; the expenses paid for you during the last year by Provident Funding and a projection of the expenses to be paid for the coming year.
In the event you believe the calculations are incorrect or you have access to more current estimates from the taxing authority or your insurance provider, please contact our Customer ServiceDepartment immediately by using the web site to open a Case with a Customer Service Representative or by calling 800-696-8199. Provident Funding will use your documented information to recalculate your account, possibly resulting in a lower impound/escrow monthly payment amount. IMPORTANT: Only the taxing authority or your insurance company can change the amount of the bill paid on your behalf.
Your IRS form 1098/1099 will be mailed no later than January 31st of the new year. Please allow 2 weeks for mail delivery. A copy of your IRS form 1098/1099 will be made available by January 31st for immediate download at www.provident.com by logging into your account and visiting the "Annual Tax & Interest Statements" link.
Provident Funding cannot advise you regarding the preparation of your income tax returns. Your personal tax advisor should answer any question about the preparation of your annual tax returns.
To visit the website of the Internal Revenue Service you may use the address www.irs.gov
If your loan is not escrowed for tax payment by Provident Funding, you should pay the amount due to the taxing authority listed on your bill. If your loan is escrowed and the tax bill you received has not been paid, please write your loan number on the bill and fax it directly to our Tax Department at 707-547-4081, or mail it to: Provident Funding Associates, L.P., P.O. Box 5914, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.
Many times tax payments made by mortgage companies are paid in installments rather than in one lump sum. It is also possible that two bills were paid in the same calendar year if the due date is near January 1st each year. Provident Funding does not report tax disbursements paid from your escrow account to the IRS. For more information on tax disbursements made from your account on your behalf, please look at your account transactions on the "History" page of the www.provident.com website.
Provident Funding will mail your individual IRS form 1098/1099 by January 31st. Each Mortgage Company, including Provident Funding, will provide information for the period of time your loan was serviced. Mortgage Companies are not required to report to you or the IRS if the total interest paid on your account was less than $600. However, it is Provident Funding policy to send you an IRS form 1098/1099 if you paid any amount of interest during the year.
If you are interested in refinancing your loan, please call Provident Funding’s Retail Department at (888) 547-4050.
When your loan closed, you received copies of your loan documents. Should any of your documents be misplaced or destroyed, Provident Funding can provide copies to you. To request a copy of a document at no charge, please send your request in writing to Customer Service, P.O. Box 5914, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-5914. For expedited service, you may call customer service at (800) 696-8199 and request a document verbally with a customer service representative. The following fees apply to expedited document requests:

  • Copy of Note: $20
  • Copy of Mortgage (Deed of Trust): $20
  • Copy of Settlement Statement: $20
  • Additional Fees for Faxing Documents at the Customer’s Request: $10

Fees are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may be assessed for other services not listed which would be disclosed at the time of order. To request one of the above items, please send your request and a check made payable to Provident Funding Associates, L.P. (please do not send cash) to: Customer Service P.O. Box 5914 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-5914.
Provident Funding is listed as a payee due to the financial interest we have in your home. When you receive your insurance check, you should send it to Provident Funding for processing.
More than likely, this bill is an assessment or supplemental bill. Some taxing authorities will send this type of bill because an additional amount is due that was not assessed at the beginning of the current tax cycle. You may wish to contact your local taxing authority for clarification.