Benefits at a Glance

    We Keep Our Customers

  • Provident Funding will retain the servicing for all loans originated through this program.

    We Keep Our Customers Happy, Too

  • Consistent wait times of less than 30 seconds to reach a Customer Service Representative.
  • Decentralized call locations nationwide to make high-quality customer service available across multiple time zones.

    Proprietary Technology

  • In-house technology maximizes compliance and efficiency through standardized processes with built-in validation and controls.
  • Our intuitive, user-friendly website expedites the loan process, providing the customer with 24-hour access to status updates and loan information.


  • Receive a 0.25% discount off the price of a new loan in addition to our already industry-leading interest rates on conventional first mortgages.
  • An expert Mortgage Consultant will guide borrowers through the entire process of obtaining a new home loan or refinancing an existing home.
  • Loans on average take only 30 days to close.

    Provident Funding: Ready For The Future

  • Since inception in 1992, Provident Funding's mission has been to originate the highest quality loans by offering the best possible prices to the most qualified customers.
  • National Mortgage News stated that Provident Funding is, “one of the best managed mortgage firms in the U.S.”
    American Banker noted that Provident Funding "earned a reputation as a low cost lender with superior technology."