Are you thinking of refinancing or preparing to purchase a property? You can get started with our quick application. Once completed, a Provident Funding Mortgage Consultant will contact you to review potential loan scenarios. In the meantime, there is some documentation you should gather to help expedite the process.

Below is a list of documents that are generally required during the loan qualification process. Not all documents will be required and we may ask for additional items, but having these items ready may make for a quicker loan process.

Income documentation You'll need to provide pay stubs for the last 30 days as well as W-2 forms to help us determine income, employment status and history. If you are self employed we'll need to see your previous years tax returns.

Asset documentation If you are purchasing a property or required to bring funds to close you will need to provide Checking, Savings or CD account statements

Homeowners Insurance Policy This is required with every loan transaction to verify sufficient and current coverage.

Your Provident Funding Mortgage Consultant will advise on additional documentation needed for approval. Documentation requirements will vary depending on your particular loan scenario but the more prepared you are the sooner we can close your loan!